Announcing THE first VIVID BOOK

The Vivid Book has a new focus for 2020.  So many businesses focused on providing free content during the crisis - great ideas of things we need to remember always.  Webcasts focused on the things you may need to know, but no one has the time to watch them all.  Let us curate the content for you.  

We attended hundreds of sessions and will bring you beautiful, full-color pages of illustrations of the content that most resonated with us; the positive lessons that are useful every day, not just in crisis. 

Innovation is a key to learning and this is ours.  Not able to see us in an ideation session in person?  Leaf through our work at your desk and perhaps get the idea you need to bring you more traction in the later parts of 2020 and beyond.  


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Please include your email information in the notes section of your order so we can connect on your shipping information and provide updates on your order.  We expect books to start shipping out in June.  

Build your own VIVID BOOK

Build Your Book Brand through Ideation

Each year, 11,000 business books are published.  More than 1 million books were self-published last year.  That's a lot of competition.  And noise.  

If you have spent a lifetime researching, writing and speaking about something, you need more than words to make your audience true believers.  You need to stand out.  A Vivid Illustrator will increase the power and reach of your message.  Connect with us to learn more.