Powerful visual imagery connecting your message to your audience.

About Me

I started my first company 25 years ago and have lived the ups and downs of an entrepreneur personally.  I have learned from the very best and bring that extensive background to bear when synthesizing your ideas into their core concepts.  

To keep my mind focused, I draw.  Notes at lectures, mind maps during class.  It's something that comes naturally for me.  I see in pictures.  I draw because illustrations evoke emotions and people remember when you make them feel something.  

For Vivid Illustration, trust is everything.  It's more than a picture.  When you ask an Illustrator to join you at the table, you have to know they can listen and keep your greatest new secrets before you publish them for the world.  With 25 years in Aerospace, I know how to keep a secret and am far safer than your average graphic designer.